whats the best way to install panther (sorry if its a repeat post)

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ok im dumb when it comes to this... if i get panther, will it overwrite all my files? also, shoudl i format the hard drive for best results... ideally i would like to just pop the panther disc in and follow instructions. is this best?


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    aquafireaquafire Posts: 2,758member
    Will it overwrite ?

    Only if you haven't backed up all your important files.

    That's Murphy's law in action

    Doesn't matter how good the OS, chances are something will go wrong and all of a %#2## sudden... you've lost a years' work......

    Ps : Apart form the above, I recommend reading the instructions..if only for fun......


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    chipzchipz Posts: 100member
    Install Panther as an upgrade. Beware, however, that Panther does not have Apple Works or iDVD in the program, so if you decide to install as a "clean install", you better have copies of those two applications available.
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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    A good intermediate between the upgrade and the reformatting is what is called Archive and Install. It's the comparable installation to the 'Clean Install' back in the Classic OS days. It will automatically keep your home folder, all of your preferences, and all of your apps, but install a completely new system. It keeps a copy of the old one then, just in case you need anything out of it.

    I know some people have had more trouble with Upgrades than the Archive and Installs, and I really don't think that there's much more of an advantage when you wipe your disk and start fresh. At least compared to the time involved, the Archive and Install is the way to go
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