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Purchased Sarah McGlachlan's latest CD at Circuit City today for $9.99 + tax. Same price as iTMS and you get a physical CD which contains some "extras". Unfortunately, I cannot get the Bandlink software to start up on my eMac running Panther. It reports "No Bandlink-Enabled CD was found".

Anyone else purchased this CD and tried Bandlink with 10.3?


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    Nobody else bought this CD? Geez. Well I tried it on a PC and it works just fine. Bandlink launches and you get access to all of the extras. Perhaps in the future, iTMS will provide links to extra content too.
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    neilybneilyb Posts: 128member
    I bought the new Sarah McLachlan (no letter "g") CD too, and BandLink won't work for me either, can't find the CD.

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