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Hello all,

I have a beautiful iBook and a Wacom tablet that I do most of my graphics work on. Unfortunately, my logic board is damaged and my lovely computer will have to be sent back to Apple for a few days. In the meantime I have an old pre-usb mac and an ADB Kidboard (KBgear) Pablo tablet that I am messing around with. The Pablo is a cartoonish looking black and green slab that looks like a dinosaur next to my Wacom. It was targeted at kids, but is billed as having even some pressure sensitivity. The big problem is that it appears to need drivers/control panels installed as the movement is quite erratic and slow. If I could get it working, it would be a way to make my old machine a little more fun while I wait for my iBook to come back.

The problem is that kidboard and KB Gear went out of business in 2000-2001 and I can't find the mac control panels or drivers for the tablet.

Does anyone have this software? (The ADB version - the USB version that I googled up doesn't work) Also is there a good place to go for old mac drivers? I often rescue older hardware for a buck or two at garage sales just to figure out what it does and try to see if it is in anyway useful or interesting.

The moral of this story might be: don't buy a product that is too old to have a website. However, I am willing to risk 1-5 bucks here and there to dust off some interesting older pieces of hardware. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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    aquafireaquafire Posts: 2,758member
    This might be a good place to start...

    I find it to be a useful resource...

    BTW this private site looks promising.


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    Thanks Aqua! This first site has links to a yahoo group for mac drivers, which should be a resource for the future. I dropped them a note about my issue, so I may get some info that way.

    Unfortunately, I did find that second site last night and the drivers there are for the USB version. I tried it yesterday on the chance that it was a fat installer that works for ADB too, but no luck. I really appreciate you googling for me though! I'll find it sooner or later. . . .
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