I need help Ti 500 or Ti 550

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For all the smart mac guru's out there I have a a problem.

I'm getting ready to buy a Ti book. I have found a great deal on a Ti 500 1gig ram 30G hd. But I have also thought of getting a DVD 550 (having a potable CDRW means nothing to me) with close to the same specs. I remember reading something about a mhz myth that the 500 is actually faster than the 550 because of the cache. Is this true?

Now is the 50 extra mhz really worth the price? I know you get a better graphics accelator an gigabit ethernet but is this enough to justify the higher price.

I work heavily in web development, graphic, and video editing if this is any help.



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    Well the 500 Mhz machine will be faster, especially with 1 Gig of Ram. However, if you plan to connect your Ti to an external monitor and use both displays at once (built in LCD and external display) then you should get the 550. The better graphics chip in the 550 is nice but the extra VRam is vital. The Ti 500 only has 8 MB of VRam which severely limits your options and performance.

    This is my chief complaint about my Ti 500.
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