JImmy Buffett Switches To A Mac & Talks To SJ Via iSight/iChat

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Last week Buffett released a pair of CDs from his recent tour: "Live in Auburn, Wash. (Sept. 16, 2003)" and "Live in Las Vegas" (Sept. 20, 2003)." On the Auburn set, Buffett, McAnally and guitarist Peter Mayer cover the Johnny Cash hit "I Still Miss Someone" as a tribute to the Man in Black. "That's my favorite Cash song," Buffett said. "He was always very kind to me. I met him when my ex-wife was the assistant talent coordinator on his television show."

The double live CDs are available in retail stores and through Buffett's Web site,www.mailboat-records.com. The advance orders for the "Live in Las Vegas" CD totaled more than 75,000 copies. Free downloads are also available at the iTunes Music Store atwww.itunes.com.

The discs were recorded on a direct feed from the soundboard. Buffett was going to record the entire last leg of his summer 2003 tour, but he had to cancel his last two California shows on Sept. 25 and 27, when his mother Loraine "Peets" Buffett passed away.

"The idea started in Chicago," he said. "I called [Apple CEO] Steve Jobs because I got an Apple [computer]. I was an IBM guy for a long time, but my film writing partner Will Shriner told me to get this Apple. I love it for video and audio. I love the iPod [portable digital music player]. I think it is one of the alternative futures of music. In Chicago, I bought an iSight [a video camera that hooks onto the iMac]. Steve Jobs and I were trying to contact each other because he wanted to go to the show in Chicago. We kept missing. One day I saw he was online [through iSight], I poked it on and there he was. He and I started talking.

Complete article at Chicago Sun-Times.


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