The trustworthiness of Humanity

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
How much do you trust me? Do you even KNOW me? Well...MY best friend works with Apple right now. He's been working as an engineer for them for about half a year now, and has told me with complete certainty (of course I trust my best friend!) that G5's DO exist and will be announced at MWSF 2002. Period. End of story. Yay. He has told me no hardware specs other than 64-bit , though I've pleaded and prodded and begged, let me tell you! That's all I have to say. Love you all! Look forward to ummm...2002...yeah.



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    People With this Type of honest make me go a Big rubbery one
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    Well, you're right. In full truth I made the entire thing up. I just wanted to see how gullible people are. I'm glad to see people not trusting this bullshit.

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    In the final two weeks before MWSF, I trust no one, but take it all in anyway. It makes life more interesting, and that's why I post at AI, right?
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