Study: Millions delete all music files

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Is this true or just propaganda ?

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LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- More than a million households deleted all the digital music files they had saved on their PCs in August, a sign that the record industry's anti-piracy tactics are hitting home, research company NPD Group said.

NPD credited the ongoing anti-piracy campaign by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and said publicity about the move led more consumers to delete musical files.

In August, 1.4 million households deleted all music files, whereas prior to August, deletions were at much lower levels, according to Port Washington, New York-based NPD on Wednesday.

When it first began to track deletions in May 2003, NPD found 606,000 households had deleted music files from their PCs.

A related NPD survey of consumer perception, however, found that consumers' overall opinion of the recording industry is suffering due to the RIAA's move to sue hundreds of people alleged to have illegally shared music online.

The RIAA represents big record labels such as Bertelsmann's BMG Entertainment, Vivendi's Universal Music and Time Warner's Warner Music. Time-Warner is the parent company of

NPD also found that the number of households acquiring digital music via peer-to-peer file-sharing services declined by 11 percent from August to September, during the traditional summer holiday for college students.



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    akumulatorakumulator Posts: 1,111member
    How the hell would they know that?
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    I know a lot of people have gotten rid of the software, and some ditching their MP3s. My boss made her son get rid of everything, even Simpson episodes.
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    giantgiant Posts: 6,041member
    If you read the press release on their site, you will see that the data came from ~40,000 folks that voluntarily allowed them to monitor their machines.

    To put it another way, this study is total BS.
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    Wait, people let someone see their computer activity voluntarily?
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    Originally posted by nwhysee

    Wait, people let someone see their computer activity voluntarily?

    Usually when people install "spyware" on their computer, it's bundled with other software. If they read the fine print in the licenses, as they're supposed to before clicking okay/agree, they would know that they are complying and allowing the software to do whatever it pleases at it tracks their activities.

    Of course, I'm not saying this report is based on some sneaky spyware tools, but I'm not discounting the possibility either, though.
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    Originally posted by nwhysee

    Wait, people let someone see their computer activity voluntarily?

    Nielsen families let cable companies see their television activity voluntarily

    (and digital cable companies see your tv activity involuntarily)

    Cell phone companies see not only your call activities,

    but in advanced networks can pinpoint and track your location

    "Paranoia is just reality at higher resolution"
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    giantgiant Posts: 6,041member
    Methodology Note: NPD MusicWatch Digital information is collected continuously from the PCs of 40,000 volunteer online panelists, balanced to represent the online population of PC users. NPD?s MusicLab survey was fielded in September of 2003 to a representative sample of 5,000 respondents aged 13 and older.

    This is all the info I've seen on how they did it.
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