oh, goody... MS acquires Creature House, Expression 3

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oh for crying out loud... (posted from macnn.com)

MacNN readers note that Creature House's website now includes a Microsoft copyright notice and that the company has temporarily removed all downloads, indicating tha that company and its Mac-compatible Expression 3 drawing application with advanced features for both vector illustration and raster paintingL "Downloading and ordering are temporarily suspended due to a revision of the download process. We expect downloading to resume in mid November 2003." Update: A Microsoft spokeperson submitted a brief statement to MacNN: "Microsoft posted a public notice in September 2003 that was in the final stages of an acquisition of Creature House, a small software company based in Hong Kong. Creature House is a privately held company and the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed."

say what you will about their user interface, but this app was just way cool innovative when it first came out (so much so, i think illustrator and freehand tried to reverse-engineer their skeletal strokes to passable-yet-clunky results). and the developer was interested in keeping up mac development, despite small sales. now microsoft owns the company, the app, and the patents on their "skeletal stroke" drawing.

can someone please kick either steve ballmer or bill gates in the nuts for me the next time they see them? we can take up a collection for your bail.


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