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I have a 900mhz ibook purchased in August that has gone through normal usage, nothing extreme, and has been given the best of treatment, hasnt been tossed around or anything of the sort. But today after watching the last half of a dvd and a little net surfing i noticed a green dot on the mid right side of my screen. What is the correct term for this problem and what can i do to fix it? Is there any utilities? Thanks in advance.


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    You've got a stuck/dead pixel.

    It's a hardware problem with the LCD screen itself and can usually not be fixed without replacing it altogether.

    Some people have found that pixels stuck in a certain color can actually be "massaged" back to life with your fingers because of a weak or lose connection, but I don't have details on such a procedure.
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    nwhyseenwhysee Posts: 151member
    Thanks for the prompt reply, so do i go to my local apple store and tell them or is there a different procedure?

    Edit: i took a tissue and gently rubbed/massaged the area and it went away! Thanks Brad! But should i have it checked out by a local genius or what?
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    Glad it helped.

    It certainly would hurt to take it to an Apple store if there is one nearby, but I wouldn't bother with it unless the pixel gets stuck again.
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    nwhyseenwhysee Posts: 151member
    Well as luck would have it i live some 10 miles from the sacramento apple store, but better yet: im only 5 miles from the apple factory in Elk Grove
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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    First try to massage the dead pixel back to life. Get a soft, clean, dry cotton rag and GENTLY rub your screen on and around the area of the stuck/dead pixel. Don't push any harder than you would push on your eyeball (with your eye closed of course!) LCDs are somewhat delicate, don't use too much pressure. Try that for a min or two, if you have no luck, take it in to your local apple store.
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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    I've got a pixel that's stuck green too. I (gently) prod it every so often, but it's still there. It has become one of the things that makes my PowerBook unique.
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