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I'm interested in finding a good blue-tooth optical mouse to accompany my future iBook. I want at least 3 buttons, including scroll wheel, a solid state scroll wheel, and of course, cheap. Any suggestions?




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    Im getting the Microsoft Bluetooth mouse for my 17" PowerBook 1.33ghz this week or next week. Im tired of pluggin in my usb optical microsoft mouse everyime i move my laptop from the desktop area. The only bluetooth mouses out there right now are the

    -Apple Mouse

    -Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse (5-button)

    -Logitech's still is not out yet;.

    Only thing i dont like about microsofts one, is its huge, 5-button. Its the size of the first wireless mouse kinds they made, same design. Where its big and bulky. But im same as you, i want the 3 button with wheel. So im gonna settle with microsofts i guess, plus i hear the bigger mouse is better for graphic design, which im getting into now.

    PS. If anyone knows of other bluetooth mouses out that work for mac, let me know.
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    Logitech MX900
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