My gov prof was trying to sell iPods and iTunes in class today!

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We were talking about Kazaa and how it?s so hard to go after it because it has no clear headquarters and all of a sudden, my teacher mentioned the emergence of Apple?s iTunes and how good it was.

He then asked who used iTunes and who had an iPod. I raised my hand high, but in a class of about 150, only a couple other people did too.

He then mentioned Napster?s new service and said it was pitiful compared to iTunes. He told everyone to buy iPods and download iTunes, ?for Mac AND Windows?, and ended by saying how much of a Mac fan he is.

That kind of thing has never happened in any of my classes! It was kind of refreshing and funny.


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    When your computer science professor does that, I'll be impressed.
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    Originally posted by Influenza

    When your computer science professor does that, I'll be impressed.

    the ones here do.
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    A local DJ on the radio here was telling everyone how much he wanted one of those cool iPods for Christmas!
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    my science (high school) teacher always says how awesome Mac is and how he has never ever bought a Microsoft product and never will because they suck... problem is.. the stupid kids here in georgia wouldn't even know that Mac exists if it wasn't for me.. and my science teacher
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    Im like 1 of maybe 5 others in my school who like macs. I just recently got into macs as most of you know. But my big computer teacher loves macs, has 3 for school use and 1 powerbook for personal use. But as far as i know at least, only him and i know how nice macs are. Everyone else either doesnt know what a mac is compared to a pc, or just doesnt like them cause they are so used to the older ones (back when i didnt even like them). They have never experienced OS X. Im waiting to take my PB to school and show it off, hehe. See how many heads turn.

    And personally, i believe macs saying. "It just works" hehe
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    There's a few people in my band who use Mac's. But most people here give me the whole "Macz are teh SUXORs!!!!!1111111" routine.
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    Originally posted by CubeDude

    There's a few people in my band who use Mac's. But most people here give me the whole "Macz are teh SUXORs!!!!!1111111" routine.

    Yup, all the people in my I.T. Essentials class (teachers you for A+) certification, and my cisco networking class say macs suck and all this shit. Its just like, omg, can you be anymore lame. I love asking them when the last time they had an error on there pc. Its like ummm... the other day or yesterday (expecially if there on Win95/98 and most of all ME). LoL!!!
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    A few of my teachers have used macs in the past. One even had an iPod. They swore by them and would go far out of their way just to avoid using PeeCees. One of my teachers went to NY on vacation and made a movie on iMovie and got a few of my friends who were with me in a film class to get PowerBooks because of the ease of use, and after I showed them FCP on my computer. Another teacher of mine uses an iBook and an older G4, she is a graphic arts teacher and the school wanted to switch her lab over to PeeCee, but she fought and fought to keep it mac, and now she is getting brand new G5s to replace the aging G3 B&Ws she has in there now.
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    I know that two of my profs use mace for sure. One is the multimedia prof and i know that he also has an ipod and at least two mac (12" PB and a g4 tower with 23" display)

    the multimedia prof doesn't outright advertize macs, but his lectures always have a mac or something about apple in them.
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    Everyone I talk to either has a Mac or wants a Mac and/or an iPod. The amount of attention my iPod gets is amazing. People are always wanting to check it out.

    Most fun was demoing it to my gym trainer. He still uses cassettes for all his music and is completely computer illiterate.
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