One minor iPod problem...

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OK. I have a 40GB iPod. Being a PC user, the Apple indoctrination of me is running its' course; the next laptop I get will be a Mac (Waiting for the G5's...) Everything is all good and well, except for one thing.

There's a little port on the back of my dock. It's labeled line out. I'd love to use it, as my computer's often very busy processing video, etc, and I don't want to add to its' load. The problem? "OK to Disconnect" is constantly showing on my iPod when in the dock. I can't do a thing with the iPod while that is showing...

The solutions I can see: go back to 2.0.5, which didn't have this probem. But this means loosing out on all the cool features I use, or plan to use, that came about in 2.1. I'm guessing I could also connect the dock to the wall plug, and use that to charge the pod instead of the firewire port on my computer. That would involve finding the plug (It's somewhere in my room, buried amongst cables...), and a plug socket, and involve getting underneath my desk, no doubt banging my head on the desk until I'm unconscious, to connect the pod to my computer to put new stuff on it... Not nice.

So ... is there a solution to this, or have I just typed a big rant for no actual use?


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    Eject the iPod from your computer and if you need to, unplug the firewire cable. That should force the iPod into isolation mode and give you your port back.
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    Hmm, unplugging from the firewire port works. But it's still an inconvenience - for one thing, unplugging it at the back of the dock takes some finger work if the line out is plugged in at the same time - the port has two indents on either side which need to be pressed in, and the line out obstructs one of them...

    ty for the solution though.
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