Cleaning Products or You bad, dirty, dirty screen you!

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I have been pretty fastidious about avoiding case scratches and keeping the keyboard/trackpad area clean. I also to great care to prevent any crumbs or various forms of dirt from accumulating in the keyboard. Okay, that still does not justify the abuse my laptop gets at the hands of addiction. I have a mild nicotine addiction and find cigarettes very relaxing during long sessions writing papers for school. Okay it may seem like I am not going anywhere with this, let me get to the point. I think I am already noticing a very slight smoke residue on the lcd screen. This isn't helped by smoking tobacco from a greener pasture in front of the laptop. I was hoping for some recommendations of tough cleaning products that are not so tough that they will harm my laptops screen. Apple offers an official kit, but that comes to over 30 dollars after shipping. That is a bit too rich for my blood. On my CRT a combination of soapy water, 90% rubbing alcohol and a very small concentration of car bug, tar and sap remover on a rag. It keeps my CRT screen nice and clean. I imagine it would do some damage to my LCD. Is there anything strong enough to cut through the resin without damaging my screen? Ideas, Ideas for the poor.......


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    Don't smoke near your computer? Seriously, I don't. I go outside. Think of it as a good break....
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    well, with a $1,000 LCD screen i usually spend the $20 - $30 to get something i know won't hurt it.

    however, i know you're supposed to avoid rubbing alcohol like the plague on LCD's, so don't even think of it.

    your local computer store should carry something to clean LCD's, just make sure it's labled for laptop and/or LCD use.
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    Quit smoking, it's gonna kill you, or your computer. Most likely both. And we don't want that, do we. \
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    Premature death? Is that such a bad thing, the quality of life seems to make a huge drop off after 65 or so depending on the person

    On the point of the screen, you mention that rubbing alcohol should be avoided like the plague. That is contrary to everything I have read so far. I pulled up a thread on the google usenet archive and before they sold official cleaning wipes apple apparently recommended a 40/60 mix of rubbing alcohol and water in combination with a microfiber cloth. I have read similar things in other threads. My question is has LCD technology changed over the past few years and now diluted rubbing alcohol is damaging to them. The only thing I have really heard to avoid is Windex and anything else with ammonia which will eat into the screen.
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    Dont they recomend a damp cloth?

    Works for my 2 LCD's. Trick is not to press too hard
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member

    On the point of the screen, you mention that rubbing alcohol should be avoided like the plague.

    hmm, now that you mention it that sounds right. reverse alcohol w/ammonia.
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