setting up dual channel scsi raid with 2 panther machines

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
just currious here. I have a dual G4 that was connected to one of the channels on my dual channed external scsi raid tower. I just recently purchased a dual G5. Now I installed an atto scsi card in it and connected it to the second channel on the external raid. the big problem here is, when i can see the raid on both macs, if i decide to save or drag a file over to the raid from one mac, the other cant see it on the raid and vice versa. secondly, i am running into multiple folder disapearances. says that there is only 500MB used on the raid when it should be arround 70GB. If I click on one of the folders lets say the OS back up folder, i see 11GB, in the info but over all dosent even show close to that being used.

Does anyone know if i have to do something special to get both macs to mesh well with an external raid and what i have to do as far as permisions maybe? Bothmacs have the same user name and admin set on them.

just currious

PS. oth macs scsi cards are set to LUN 1 and ID 0. On the external raid LUN 1 and ID 0 is the whole partion of the raid.
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