Downloading Xtools from Apple: Trouble?

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Okay this may be something very obvious but it seems like I can´t think today.

I have tried to download xtools from ADC and have all the .bin files. But to make a disc I need a file (can´t remember what it is called) that tells toast how to arrange the data on the disc and it is nowhere to be found.

Someone know what I can do?


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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    It would be a .cue file. However: are you sure this is a bin disc image? It'd be kind of strange for Apple to release anything in that thoroughly windows-y format. I'd rather think it's a macbinary encoded file, which is used to preserve the integrity of a file during it's http transfer. That said: dragging the file onto Stuffit Expander should quickly tell you if it's actually just macbinary.
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