Canon A70 Doesn't Give All Info To iPhoto 2, Help

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Hi all i got a Canon A70 the other day and it's a nice camera...and being new to digital cameras and all when i get a pic i like after playing around with all of the settings i go in to iPhoto 2 to see the settings that where set for that good pic. Yet iPhoto 2 has some things missing in the Exposure tab. What i want to know the most is what ISO speed i had set in each pic.

Is this a bug? Or is there some setting i can put on to get all of the info? Be it on the A70 or Mac?

Please help if you know what is going on here as i'm new to all of this.



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    There are a variety of programs that can read EXIF data. If you can read the info in one of them then you will know it is iPhoto's problem and not the camera. There's several possible programs listed in this article:

    Also I have the same camera and will try it out tonight to see what happens.

    edit: tried it. It appears that this info is not being saved by the camera as it can't be seen by GraphicConverter either and images posted as part of reviews don't list it either.

    There is a small chance that some setting or firmware update to the camera may change this but I can't find any info about it on the web or in the manual.
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    What a let down

    thanks for trying.

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    Hey i just found out that if you import the pics from the camera with ImageBrowser from the software that comes with the camera and you do info on the pic in ImageBrowser it will show you all of the info iPhoto won' ISO speed

    So this means it's not the camera that doesn't pass on the info....just that if you use different software to import your pics you will lose some of the info on them. where if you import with ImageBrowser from canon it keeps all of the info.

    I even used the pics ImageBrowser imported and draged them in iPhoto from my desktop and it still doesn't show the ISO speed like ImageBrowser does so this means that iPhoto doesn't import all of the data like ImageBrowser does. Which is a let down as iPhotos GUI is much better than ImageBrowser's \

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