ibook screen may be bent? Also, trackpad issues

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We got my wife a 12" iBook. It arrived today and is up and running with my Pismo on our AirPort Network.

But, two problems actually:

1) The screen seems to be slightly bent...so that when looking at the front with a closed lid the right side rubber bumper does not make contact with the enclosure...weird. Also, the lip and the bottom of the screen bubbles out a bit when open (part attached directly to the LCD itself. Not a huge deal, but odd.

2) The trackpad seemed to drop finger movements (not recognize them) at first. It wasn't due to moisture or anything and we played with the settings. Now it seems better....but that was odd too. The problem was with tracking only, not clicking.

Any thoughts?


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    My iBook has the same problem with the screen when it comes to the bend (same side too). I thought it was because I opened it up by holding that side all the time. I guess its a small manufacture inconsistency if you have the problem too. So long as all my 'oohah'ing buddies/colleagues don't spot it, it can be our little secret...

    My trackpad is a little tempramental when Im lightly touching it but im happy

    The pc laptops ive seen/worked on (including top of the line Sony Vaios) have so many hardware flaws & problems that i would never notice a 1.5mm screen bend
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    the same deal happens to my 600mhz ibook.

    at first, i wondered about it..then i examined the opening/closing mechanism.

    if you open the screen to its maximum angle, you will notice that one side of the screen hits the base while the other does not.

    i suspect that the screen is not bent, but rather, due to the odd hinge design of the ibook, the hinge angle is slightly not level with the base (meaning, the base is not completely parallel with the base)...causing the screen's one side to touch the base when close while the other side does not.

    as for the trackpad issue...i don't know about it. i think the trackpad just has to "get used" to your finger


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    I have a 600 Mhz iBook. The screen isn't "bent", it's the casing. If you get the trackpad even slightly wet, the cursor goes haywire. You can go to Preferences and make some adjustments.
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