Can't hear audio when importing in FCP.

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I've used iMovie for about and year and love it. But I keep doing more and more video work, so figured it was time to but Final Cut Pro. So I did. But when I import footage from my Sony Digital8 camcorder, I can't hear the audio through my iMac while importing. I have never had this occur when using iMovie. If I open up the LCD screen on the camcorder, I can hear the audio on the footage through the small speaker on the camcorder, though. Am I missing somthing? Thanks for all your help in advance!


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    I'm a FCE bod myself, I go to the Apple discussions pages when I need help, which is often. Try the FCP one, all the best , Alex.Final Cut Pro discussions
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    Believe it or not, this is by design. You're supposed to hook up an external monitor (or use your camcorder) to hear the audio. Strange, I know, and something I hope they fix.

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