What's on Developer Tools Disc?

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I just got my Panther upgrade discs, free for all PSU students , but I only got the 3 install discs and not the one with the developer's tools. Is the stuff available on this disc the same as the xCode bundle that you can download from the developer's apple site? As a computer science major I'm really anxious to test out the new xCode tools. Also instead of starting a new thread, what wireless mouse would you recommend to get the most out of Panther? I'm thinking one with 5 buttons to get the most out of expose, thats enough to cover all of expose's features if I read apple's site correctly.

P.S. Napster can take my technology fee but they can never take my freedom (to use ITMS that is).


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Haven't seen the bundle on the dev site, but it's the Xcode/IB toolset, CHUD, a bunch of performance tools, *huge* amounts of documentation (thank you!) and an impressive array of example code. I think it's basically just crammed into one CD for convenience sake, you can get all of it from the ADC site as well.
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    Bunch of handy stuff like Blastapp (game) and Pixie (maginifier)
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    As far as I can tell (never actually having seen the retail disk) everything is on the download version.

    And on the mouse front... I am very happy with Logitec's MX700.
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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    The developer tools come in handy when you want to compile a Linux or Unix app for OSX. Plus the Apple Script examples and studio are awesome.
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    screedscreed Posts: 1,077member
    I might as well ask here rather than start another thread: How do developers think of Xcode? Are they enthused? Or minor improvements here and there?

    Anyone have the thumb on the pulse of the Mac developer community?

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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    I didn't like it at first. Everything looked mushed together.

    Then I used it for more than 5 minutes, on a real project.




    Love it. The combination of fast (instant) searching, auto completion (with function parameters!), and the smart lists makes for a much more pleasant IDE environment.

    And *then* you get into things like the Fix and Continue, the Incremental Compilation, etc, etc, etc, and it's just wonderful.

    Not that it's perfect. But it's better.

    (They STILL need a way to walk you through setting up CVS over ssh, blast it... it's darned near voodoo right now.)
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