Snowboarding easy to learn?

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Okay, I've been thinking of picking up this sport this winter. I can downhill ski okay but it's been a few years since I've done that too. Of course I can skate, so I imagine that might also help.

Any snowboarders who can shed some info on the transition or learning curve?


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    chu_bakkachu_bakka Posts: 1,793member
    The great thing about learning the transition ... it's like an epiphany... like learning to balance your first bike...


    Snowboarding is much more whole body than sking...keep weight on your front foot... it's pretty much a pivot point. It goes against instinct to put more weight on your front foot... knees well bent... and point your navel in the direction you want to go to make turns.

    Oh... and get snowboarding wristguards... and kneepads or boarding pants with built in pads... you spend alot of time on your ass and knees when you're learning. You end up doing alot of pushups and situp just getting up.

    But it's fun as hell.
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    No, its nothing like skiing or skating at all...

    It's all about ballance, like chu said, more like riding a bike. Just when you're the most frustrated, and your a** hurts like hell, you'll suddenly get the hang of it.
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    You'll discover muscles you didn't know you have.

    The next day...

    when they hurt...


    And watch out for skiers... especially when your doing a heelside turn... when you're more vulnerable. they like going in straight lines... fast.
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    badtzbadtz Posts: 949member
    ........... I can't wait for the season to start ......

    went only once last season
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    Yes! Learning to snowboard is so fun!

    It would be wise to take a couple of lessons at whatever ski resort you choose. I tried learning without lessons, and got absolutely nowhere.

    Just remember to place your weight comfortably, and bend the board with your feet when you turn (front foot to the right, back foot to the left to turn right, I believe. And vice versa to go left. It's been a year... I don't know about this).

    Oh, and don't let your ego get hurt when you fall I spent much more time on the ground than I did upright - it happens to everyone.
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    I have never skied or snowboarded, but both interest me somewhat.

    I have skateboarding experience, but I've heard that snowboarding and skateboarding are two totally different beasts, though still similar in concept.

    I also want to learn how to surf

    and go sky diving,

    and I want to get a dirt board.
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