Finding the perfect digital camcorder.

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I have a Hi8 camcorder and a Formac studio which are both a couple of years old now, as digital videocameras have come down in price a lot recently I am looking at selling my camcorder and digitizer and buying a digital camcorder.

I am looking around for the one that suits me best, the features I need most are:

- Less that £500 in price

- Fast power up and record start.

- Good video quality and colour reproduction. Any image size PAL or larger will suit me fine.

- Decent optical zoom, 10x or 20x should be good enough.

- Firewire input output and through.

- A lens that can be fitted with extensions would also be nice.

- As few extranious features such as Video-Editing and Special-Effects as possible, I can do all this on the computer, I'm also not that bothered about having a colour viewfinder or flip-out LCD screen.

If you have any suggestions or advice they would be very welcome. At the moment I'm looking at Panasonic cameras.

Thank you.



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    I suggest you to look in the digital hub forum, where this type of purchasing advice belong.
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