Network: No file access.

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have my sidebar setup with the "network" thing in it. When I click on it I can see the other computers in my house, identified by their names. I can even see the ones that are wireless. When I double click on the folder, it opens it and there is nothing there. Why can't I access the other computers in my house? I have to manually enter their IP addresses in the "Connect to Server" menu in "Go". Can anyone shed some light on this situation? Thanks.


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    I forgot, file sharing is on on all of the computers in question. Thanks again.
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    Is Appletalk activated on all computers?
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    Two of the computers are PeeCee, three are Mac. I'll turn the Appletalk on on the Macs and see what happens. As for the PeeCees...I'm still lost. Thanks for your suggestion Altivec.
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