bug in search in Finder

in macOS edited January 2014
I think I've found a reproducible bug in Panther.

Search for something simple that turns up a few hits. In my case I search for "january" and get about four hits.

Next search for any file containing "pl". Nothing special about this except that it turns up lots of hits.

After 5,281 hits search stops adding new items but the progress widget keeps rotating.

Close the search window.

Now repeat the search for the item you searched for in the beginning. In my case it finds nothing and the progress widget rotates indefinitely.

If I log out and log back in then search is fixed. I've repeated this three times and it has behaved the same each time. Already dropped a note to Apple.

Anyone care to confirm?

1.25GHz PB, 512MB, OS X 10.3.1


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    I can't confirm, but dropping a note to Apple was the right thing to do.
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    I tried a few searches and noticed something odd too: Using the live search feature of the Finder's browser windows, a search for a single letter (any of the most common ones) will return no more than roughly 510 results (it varies a little by letter). Searching for "j", for example, returns 508. But if I do a search through 'Find', then it returns a much larger number, e.g. 3,000+ for "j". Repeating the search using 'Find', either by an entirely new search or by clicking the re-search widget in the search results window, returns in a steadily decreasing number of results each time, by 50+ results. The search indicator also does not stop until I hit the stop search widget. This definitely ain't the way things ought to be!
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