Add the Trash Can to your Finder Side Bar

in macOS edited January 2014
I know people are wondering if you can put the trash in the sidebar. Well, I came up with this quick hint today (after wondering that myself).

Download TinkerTool for free.

Then, in the Finder options... "Show Hidden and System Files"

Don't quit TinkerTool just yet...

Switch back to the Finder and navigate to your Home folder (shift-cmd-H)

Look for the hidden file ".Trash". and Get Info

Paste a custom icon on it... or... Download Apple's Trash Icon

Then drag it to the Side Bar

Finally just return to TinkerTool and uncheck "Show Hidden and System Files"

You're done.

Warning: I've noticed a bug with this (not a big deal) if you empty the trash, the resource for the custom icon (stored inside the trash folder) will get deleted, so if you move the icon in the Side Bar... your custom icon will be deleted (just a plain folder)

I don't think there is a way around this. (locking the file doesn't help)

So, once you have your custom icon set... don't move it around in the Side Bar. That's all I can see wrong with this trick.


Anyone have any ideas?
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