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Iv been looking to buy a 512stick of ram for my new 17inch PB 1.33GHZ. Well as most know it was nearly 150 about a month ago. Well today or yesterday it took good price drop. Its now 121.99. This is the PC2700 SO-DIMM people. i dunno if the other ram for mac has dropped also or not. But your welcome to look.

Most ram you find that is generic is like 100-115, so for lil more get name brand and guarentee to work. I havent checked to see if generic brand price dropped, but this is just update of a nice price drop. Im glad i waited, ill order tomorrow or monday probably.

Straight to PC2700 SO-DIMMs

Crucials homepage


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    I noticed that the price of 512MB of RAM for my PB GigE is still high @ $138.
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    ryukyuryukyu Posts: 448member
    That's great for you!

    I ordered a 512 mb stick last week for the eMac that I bought for my son.

    Just checked today and the price is actually about $5 more than it was.
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    Yup, ram prices change so much. I dont get why they change so rapidly. But with holidays coming up, prices might get lower, but could get higher. I just know ill be ordering mine for 121.99. I hope it doesnt go down way lower after i buy, well at least not right after, hehe.

    I remember back when SD-Ram cost like 100 dollars for a 128meg stick of PC133, LoL.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    I remember spending a lot more than that for 16K!
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    Originally posted by Amorph

    I remember spending a lot more than that for 16K!

    Yah... but that only means that people like myself will get to say to the youth of the future that we spent a lot of money on just 512mb of ram while you will be long dead. God I love being young...
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