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I currently own an eMac 700mHz Combo and a 800 mHz G3 iBook. My iBook has had numerous problems and is exhibiting the same problems again. When I call Apple this time I am going to demand a replacement (this is 4th repair). I have heard that if it is replaced they will allow me to upgrade to a higher model. The only thing I use my eMac for is larger viewing for documents. Which would be a better deal for me:

Getting a 15" AlBook (larger screen, fast processor) and (sell eMac) or

Getting a replacement 12" iBook G4 maxed out

The AlBook is so cool but it would be $1000 out of pocket minus sale of eMac.

I have been back and forth on this issue numerous times.

Thanks for your help



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    Get the 15" albook and sell the eMac. The albook's resolution is nearly equal to the eMac's so it would fill the purpose well. You can also span the monitor on the powerbook (probably with the iBook, too, but you've have to hack it).
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