Motorola V60 Cell Phones

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My wife and I have had the worst experience with Motorola's V60 line of cell phones. Is it me or do these phones simply SUCK!

We've already replaced my phone once because it simply stopped working or holding a charge. Now we need to replace my wife's phone because she NEVER gets any reception and her battery dies within an hour. These phones are only a year old and cost me a small fortune.

What's with Motorola? They burned me during the G4 debacle and now I feel burned with the cell phones.

Anyone else want to bitch about their v60's?


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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I don't know about the v60, but my v66 has been really good since I got it.
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    gycgyc Posts: 90member
    The two Motorola phones that my sister and I have owned have all sucked in a major way. Poor flimsy build quality and very buggy.
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