DIY PC rig - suggestions?

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Hey all,

I'm going to be building a PC strickly for gaming. I was wondering about some suggestions regarding casing and general SILENCE.

In general I was thinking about a relatively low-spec machine: 2.6GHz Intel + 512MB (or 1GB) 400MHz DDR ram and an ATI 9600 XT card.

What I dont want is a vacuum cleaner when I turn the thing on. The tower is going to be tucked away anyway, so I dont care about aesthetics.

Are those mini-pc (cubish) PCs any good? Overheating/performance issues for gaming? Like these...

Is there any equivalent system to the G5 regarding cooling? Lots of slower fans? How about silenced Power Units? I guess thats what makes the most noise.

Thanks for any feedback.

PS Before getting bitch slapped by all, I'm sorry but most of the games I want to play are on PC (Day of Defeat, etc) and to get the same level of quality for gaming I have to shell out about double on a G5 or so. For about 800euros I can get the PC and then was gonna think of getting a nice 19inch TFT.

Yeah yeah... TFTs arent great for gaming, but I can survive...


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    The shuttle which is the mini cubed thingy, uses a form of water cooling and does work well, however when the cpu gets up to temp the fan to cool the rad kicks in and makes a right din. A stock mini tower when fitted with silent case fan/fans (sold seperately) will give a nice peaceful hum. You can of course add a water cooling unit, if you want to splash the cash, which will give you better performance and rule out that cpu fan.
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