Joystick Driver for OSX

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Hey, i know there is no software for the joystick i want, but if i buy this joystick will osx be able to reconize the buton that i am pushing without haveing to install a driver? Like my dvd burner works but there is no OSX support. Its a TEAC. Just wondering b4 i put out 35 dollars.


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    Barrow a friends joystick, see if it works. Don't blow money on something that might not work. Or buy it, if it doesn't work, you can always return it.
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    USB Overdrive. If this program doesn't allow it to work, then nothing will.
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    There's also Gamepad Companion
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    Thanx for the pointers, i would try to find a joystick like it to test, but hardly ne1 has acomputer its even harder to find some1 who plays games other than solitare and yahoo games, and then those who do play real games.... not sure where they exist on this campus. So here is to usb overdrive and ill pick one up maybe this weekend if i can.
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    USB Overdrive worked like a charm for me. Unbelievable tool. Thanks for sharing the info!

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