10.3 Changes Permissions Handling?

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I was e-mailing a developer recently about problems with his program and Panther. He e-mailed the following aside in one of his messages. Any idea what the changes are?

"(It's not easy debugging a program that runs on both 10.2 and 10.3 when 10.3 introduces an entirely new set of rules for handling permissions!)"


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    The only thing I was able to find on this at all was from the Atomic Bird website:


    where it states:

    Macaroni uses the command-line version of Disk Utility to repair permissions, so in fact both Macaroni and Disk Utility make the same repairs. However if you're using Mac OS X version 10.2.x (a.k.a. "Jaguar"), you may notice a difference in the messages given by the repair process. This is because Apple "cheats" a bit with the graphical-interface version of Disk Utility, applying "special" permissions to the hfs.util file. These special permissions do not affect system operation in any way.

    Beginning with Macaroni 1.4.2, Macaroni also applies these special permissions, so the result is exactly the same even if the messages are slightly different.

    Beginning with Mac OS X 10.3, Apple no longer applies "special" permissions to files, so there should be no discrepancy.
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