illuminated keyboard stopped working

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I installed panther on my 15inch 1.25 Ghz a week ago and everything was fine. Today I ran softwhere update and installed 10.3.1 and suddenly my keyboard won't light up. If this is a software issue is there anything i can do to fix it? Thanks.


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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    Well, over at the Apple discussions fora, someone said Apple suggested them to cycle power and zap the PRAM. The same someone said the keyboard worked again after that. So:

    Reset power settings: shift + ctrl + option + power for 5 seconds, then turn computer back on.

    Resetting PRAM: option + apple + P + R (this will make your computer forget some trivial settings -I forget which-).
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    Zapping the PRAM will make your computer "forget" your volume settings, your login screen resolution, not a big deal, but it may help with your keyboard.
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    thanks for the advice. I shut down the computer for a couple hours and when I turned it back on the keyboard was working again. I don't know what happened but hopefully thats the end of this glitch. Thanks again!
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