Can't connect to my DSL

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For some inexplicable reason, my G4 iMac stopped connecting the internet (via DSL). It may have happened after installed all the latest updates (currently running 10.2.8 ). Every time I launch Safari, or any other browser, I immediately get a "Sever Not Found" error.

Any advice?


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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    Have you installed the latest-latest version of 10.2.8? The first release of that software has been known to impair the networking of many a G4 based computer. My first suggestion therefore: run software update again. Then: make sure all cables are plugged in. Make sure that the correct settings apply in the Network Preference Pane, that the PPoE (if that's what you use) login and password are still filled out, that proxies, if any, are filled out, that DNS servers (if any) are named. Contact your ISP to see if maybe the problem is on their side. Etcetera.
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    Thanks, but I already fixed the problem. Turns out I have a dead port on my LinkSys router.
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