Question about memory.

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Ok,I have been thinking about this,and have done some googleing to no avail:Will my dual 867 recognize 4 gigs of RAM if I use (4) 1 gigabyte sticks?I bought this thing in February and just don't feel like buying a G5 since I already added an M-Audio card and am thinking about installing the new Pioneer Superdrive that just came out.

I will be doing work with Maya,in case you wonder about the amount of memory that I'd like to use...


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    nope, as far as I know, sys controller can't handle it.
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    first, whether or not each memory strip works or not is a separate issue. ram is a hit-or-miss game a lot of the time, and macs are particular about ram.

    assuming all your ram chips are good, and would work independant of each other on the computer, in theory your mac is capable of hitting the 4GB limit. (4GB being the limit that 32bit macs have, on memory.) hopefully someone else can chime in and tell us exactly if your model computer is known to be able to access the full ram contents (i'm pretty sure that some macs' hardware though theoretically can hit 4GB, have other restrictions barring that possibility.)

    edit: ok, looks like someone has already answered.
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    I'm gonna have to disagree with Altivec. Your mac should be fine with 4gigs. Just make sure you get quality ram and be prepared to get sticker shock, a gig of ram aint cheap, especially if you buy the good stuff, which you should. There is no reason why your computer won't be able to address 4 gigs.
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    Thanks DMBand0026.I think OS 9 had a 1.25GB limit,but OS X doesn't have such a problem.I checked the prices and they are pretty high,altough some of these kits consist of two modules totaling 1GB of memory_if anything,I'll just buy two of these kits and it will still be cheaper than buying 4 sticks of 512mb.
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