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Continental Airlines. I checked a bag with pillows, sheets and shoes all around. In the middle of this cradle was a pair of Aiwa speakers. Somehow they managed to break both of them: when I lift them up I can physically hear the insides thumping around the unattractive beige cases.

So I'm in the market for new speakers. I don't want to spend much more than $120. An obvious first choice are the Sound Sticks and iSub, but I'm really not sold on them. They look fabulous, but the ones I've heard distort at any 'real' volume.

Can any of you recommend speakers? I'm looking for good overall quality: good bass, good vocals.

Thanks in advance.



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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    check out <a href="http://forums.appleinsider.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=2&t=000228"; target="_blank">Ender's thread</a>. BTW, you should call up continental.. that is not normal. definately mishandeling of baggage... maybe they opened up your bag b/c they thought the speakers were something elsE?!
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    taqtaq Posts: 76member
    After reading Ender's thread on the Klipsch speakers I tried them out. They're great. They're also THX certified. Awesome speakers. I think they have a 2.1 model that costs about $150 or less. If you're strapped for $ get the iSub by itself and the applepro speakers. The version of the iSub that is sold alone is a bit more powerful than the one that comes with the soundsticks. The down side is that you have to control base with the eq in iTunes.
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    enderender Posts: 353member
    It may be too late now, but you should always talk to the airlines about damage to your stuff. They somehow ripped an end pocket off of my dad's bag once and they gave him a brand new bag (which was even better than the old one had been when it was new!).

    Anyway, I have more to say, but I must go now. Be back later.

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    pookjppookjp Posts: 280member
    Hmmm... maybe I will give them I call. I was under the impression airlines were not responsible for damage...
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    enderender Posts: 353member
    Ah, back finally.

    Anyway, airlines would like to think that they aren't responsible (and they claim that they aren't responsible for incidental outward damage to baggage -- such as scratches and cosmetic damage -- which seems reasonable). However, the truth is that if they *really* damage your bag (such as rips, tears, broken zippers, etc.) they will probably replace it.

    Anyway, the Klipsch speakers are awesome. I would recommend the ProMedia 2.1 system for you. The satellites sound phenominal for their size, and the sub has great sound and is not overbearing.

    On a bummer side-note, I have to send my 4.1 system in for replacement because the digital input from the main satellite to the pre-amp went haywire and the system won't power up now. So I am speaker-less for another week.

    I guess it's good that Klipsch stands behind their products, though. They didn't mess around when I called to report the defective system. They just took my order number and within five minutes they had confirmation that a new system would be shipped with a pre-paid mailing label (for the old system) within the day. Service still counts for something, apparently.

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