Dual g4 867 v. Single 1.6 g5

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I'm losing my mind and forget if I posted this question already, but to those AI folks waaaaaaay smarter than me:

How would you compare a dual 867 g4 mirrored drive to a single 1.6 g5 in performance for the following tasks:

1. photoshop editing of large files

2. video editing in imovie or final cut express of small videos, with very few special effects, i.e. wedding videos, home movies, etc..,



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    1. G5: Faster

    2. G5: Faster

    Although the 1.6 takes a lot of crap around here for being the bottom of the barrel when it comes to G5s, but it is still wicked fast. Much faster than an 867 G4, even if it is a dual. With the price drop on the 1.6 it's a better deal now. However, if you can hold out for a few months (till January) than you'll see a 1.8 (minimum, maybe higher, depends on how high the high end goes.) at the bottom of the price range, and you'll get all the benefits of the higher end G5s too (more cache, more RAM, better PCI slots...) Wait it out, that low end will come down in price and get even faster.
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    algolalgol Posts: 833member
    The dual 867Mhz would be faster at doing two things at the same time. Like opening two programs at the same time I would think. Or playing your favorite tunes while running WC3. But I don't know.... you can probably get a dual 867mhz for about 1000 though so it is a lot cheaper. If you want a G5 you should get a dual. The G5 is made to be dual you can't buy a sigle it just doesn't seem right. lol
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    The single 1,6 will be faster for almost everything even multitasking. Even for MP stuff a dual G4 is not at twice as fast, in fact it is less efficient in MP than the G5.

    The single 1,6 will outperform easily a dual 867 for everything. I will just add some extrabuck in order to have the radeon 9600 pro.

    I will add that people are right to say that G5 are made for dual: but G5 are pretty good in their current shape. They just need a lot of memory in order to shine.
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    resres Posts: 711member
    The single 1.6GHz G5 should be faster at almost everything, than a dual 867MHz G4. But I would save up the extra money and go with the dual 1.8 GHz G5, you will be happy with that one for a few years.
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