PowerPC 970 is POWER too

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I didn't know this..

According to this press release issued by IBM the PowerPC 970 we have come to love and adore, isn't just a PowerPC-processor. It's also a POWER-processor.

AFAIK this isn't mentioned anyware else before this, and I have looked. What impact this might have on anything I don't know.. IBM is running Linux, AIX and OS/400 on POWER-based machines. AIX and Linux run on PPCs so.. OS/400? Who'd want to run OS/400 on a machine with PowerPC 970?


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    It doesn't matter.
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    Last I checked, PPC was a superset of POWER. Moto threw in a bunch of redundant register move instructions, and they are why IBM made the 970 have a crack stage in the pipeline. (i.e. microcode).
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    Originally posted by Splinemodel

    Last I checked, PPC was a superset of POWER.

    That's not true. There are several fully compliant 32/64 bit PowerPC chips that not include the POWER-ISA, such as Northstar, Pulsar, I-Star, and S-Star. The POWER-ISA certainly is similar to PowerPC, and it's true that PowerPC is based on the POWER-architecture, but neither is a subset of the other. There are stuff in PowerPC that's not included in POWER and vice versa. The first POWER processor that included the full PowerPC-ISA was the POWER3. And.. since 970 is based on POWER4, it was probable, but not certain, that it also included support for the POWER-ISA. Apparently it does.

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