Turn off iMac Display?

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I have my TV connected to the mini VGA port on my iMac. Now if I'm using the TV exclusivly is it possible to turn off the screen on the iMac itself? I couldn't find anything at www.info.apple.com or the built in help. I want to save the light inside the iMac's LCD as much as possible, and leaving it on for long periods of time while I'm not using it at all seems liek a waste. Any ideas?


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    Turn down the brightness all the way. Should increase the life of your display. Or just tell it to put the display to sleep. I don't know how this will work for the VGA port, just some ideas.
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    On the iMac you can only decrease the brightness to a certin point, but the display won't turn off. And the Energy Saver option of having the display fall asleep won't work because the comupter is still being used, I'm just not looking at the built in display.\
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    i dont have a solution other then to ask apple through the Genius bar at an apple store or to call them, but i'd like to know how you hooked up your imac to your tv... did you buy that $20 apple video cable?
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    Actually, I have an older 700 mhz iMac that can't go straight to the "Video Adapter" from Apple that converts from the mini-VGA to S-video and composite. I had to buy the Apple VGA adapter to convert to plain VGA, then I used a VGA to TV converter to get the S-video for the TV. One of the draw backs on using the TV is that you can only get 800 x 600 resolution. But this lower resolution is surpisingly crisp on the TV.
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    i mean, i'm not a judger, but why on earth would you use a mac at only 800 x 600 resolution? that seems so ridiculous to me. i mean, no offense, if i had such a lovely imac as yours, i'd be using that 1024 x 768 or whatever that is built in on that lovely lcd...

    just some thoughts
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    You see, i only use the TV for playing Warcraft, Unreal, and other games that I need to run at 800 x 600, or for displaying iPhoto slideshows. For regular use, its at 1024 x 768. BTW, you havn't lived unless you've played either of those games on a 35" TV and 500 watt stereo system.
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