Old prototypes?

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Chronic lurker here... (1st post actually)

Anybody ever actually see in person some of the old prototypes Apple had going? Like the Jaguar project (first PPC macs) and the PowerPC in the LC pizza box case? I've seen pics (an excellent resource is the "AppleDesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group" by Paul Kunkel).

If so, where and when? I would just die at the opportunity to pick up a piece of history like that...


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    IIRC, Apple has a vault where at least one of each (or at least most) of their computers and prototypes are kept. I doubt you could get access to it, though.

    Other than that, I doubt there are many in circulation. Apple probably has any extras of their prototypes destroyed.
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    Also, their conference rooms and presentation rooms are all named for their computers (i.e., the Mercury room, etc.).

    It's pretty neat walking down the hallway and seeing the codenames on the wall.

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