iMac CD-RW won't burn data CD-RW

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I posted this somewhere awhile ago but never got far with it. Awhile back I tried to burn a data CD is OSX.1. It was a maxell "high speed" CD-RW in a iMac 500MHZ.....about two months old.

Needless to say it won't burn. I did get the drive to burn an audio CD-R in iTunes, but not without some work.

Is the "high speed" thing the problem here? We got a new iBook with the combo drive and I am now afraid to buy CD-RW's for it until I find out what the problem is. Any reccomended brands and/or formats?


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    Are you using Disc Burner or Toast?
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    [quote]Originally posted by SDW2001:


    Is the "high speed" thing the problem here?


    That could be the problem. I remember reading something that said Apple does not suggest using the high speed disks. I just wish I could remember where I read it. I just found something in the Knowlege Base. It isn't an perfect match but might help.

    Article ID:58785


    The CD-RW drive included with some Macintosh computers can read from, but cannot write to High Speed CD-RW discs.




    If you try to write to a High Speed CD-RW disc an alert box with this error message appears:

    "There was a problem with the target device. Error code -7932."

    Products affected


    Power Mac G4 computer with CD-RW drive


    iMac (Early 2001)


    Disc Burner software


    Only use CD-RW discs that are rated from 1x to 4x speed. The CD-RW drive in your computer cannot write to High Speed CD-RW discs (4x to 10x speed). Although the drive cannot write to High Speed CD-RW discs, it can read them.

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