firewire/scsi adapters

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I want to know if anyone use these adapters to connect SCSI hard drives to firewire without any problems. As far as I know Belkin and Microtech make these adapters. I checked Microtech and they brag how they put their knowledge from USB/SCSI Adapter. I have their USB/SCSI adapter and the are worth SH*T. I believe the problem is that my SCSI drive (18GB Seagate Barracuda Ultra II LVD) is too fast transfering through USB that it crashes the computer although my system recognize its presence.

I am hoping that since firewire is faster then USB that perhaps this transfer rate prob (if that's what the problem is) deminish. The adapter is $99 so would like to know before I blow this money.

Thanks in advance.


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    imacfpimacfp Posts: 750member
    For what it's worth I tried the Microtech USB/SCSI adapter and it did not work on my SCSI scanner and only barely with my SCSI zip drive. I'm not sure about Firewire/SCSI.
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