iPod Revisions

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So, there's nothing on the rumor market about the possibility of iPod revisions any time soon, especially since it was just recently that Apple upped their capacity and introduced peripherals at a special music event. I wonder, however, with the increasing prevalence of competing products with capabilities beyond the iPod's and a lower bottom-line price tag, whether there might be a more major revision of the iPod in both form factor and built-in capabilities soon.

Specifically, will there be one before Christmas? Just thoughts and predictions, you don't have to have info to back it up. I'd like to get a general consensus before I go out and get one as a gift (potentially right before they're rendered obsolete by something really cool).


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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member

    Mebbe a bundle, mebbe some custom engraved loser pop fanboy editions. That's it.

    Hopefully they see some of the good work by Belkin (A FRIGGIN VOICE RECORDER, thank dog) and incorporate it into the design along with replacable batteries, and an FM/DAB tuner.

    Next year.
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