New thing for feminists to get riled up about???

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I thought this was pretty interesting.

Miss Digital World

Plus with the number of digital artists at AI, I figured someone might find a way to enter and keep us posted as to how they do.

Will it cause feminists a new ulcer?

Will the event be a new geek mecca?

Damn no porn ever for these girls.


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    Everyone gets pissed about something. You can bet we're gonna hear it from a lot of people for this. Something about extorting something, or destroying this that and the other. It's gonna corrupt the minds of the wolds women so that they'll think they have to look like digital models. Or maybe I'm just being cynical? Sorry, I'm so used to everyone getting their undies a bundle about every little thing.
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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member

    Originally posted by LiquidR

    Will it cause feminists a new ulcer?

    Perhaps. There will always be conflict between the way women are represented and the internalization of that by females.
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