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I'm not that good at it...but I am pretty good at the wobbly pencil trick...( makes the pencil etc that is wiggled between finger tips look all rubbery).

I can also do the disconnected thumb trick..two thumbs sliding across index finger..used to make my little neice squeal with horror and delight..

But that's about it..for the moment..

Anyone else out there a veritable Mandrake or Houdini ?


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    I used to be pretty into magic tricks and illusions and stuff like that, but I've lost interest in the past few years. I still enjoy watching them a lot, but I can't do as many as I used to.
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    i know a fair amount of card tricks and sleight of hand. i can't remember them as much any more, but every so often i pull out a few. there's one, my favorite one, that's a real doozy. it's my favorite for two reasons: first, it's a closer, it really knocks the audience off their feet; two, i adapted it myself.

    i'll try to explain it, and see if it works in text. i pick a person, and they pick a card, at random, from the deck. as magic is all about entertainment, i tend to hold the deck firmly, trying to force the person to pick a certain card. it's not really important for the trick, but if you put a little effort into it, you get a laugh; and when the crowd is laughing they are less attentive to the dirty details, plus when i relent some people think the trick has been ruined. the person puts the card on the bottom, and i throw a few cards over it, so i can't accidentally see it. i am careful to look away until the card is hidden, although knowing the card doesn't really help me. infact, at no point during the trick do i look at the face of the cards, unless accidentally. i tap the deck and conjure the magick spirits, then i present the bottom card to the user. "Is this your card?" since i had openly placed several cards over their's, this first attempt doesn't work. i am now distraught. i place the wrong card into a separate pile. i try a few more times. all in vain (and placing garbage cards into a bad pile). at this point the audience loses doubt in me. i recheck all the bad cards, moving quicker now cuz the audience is annoyed. so we now have a pile of four or five certainly wrong cards. i place them carefully in my hand, and ask an audience member to slap these unrighteous cards in a downward motion. magically, the correct card is left in my hand, and i show it to them. they are floored.
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