3D graphic cards for G4867

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i'm a freelance 2D/3D graphic designer and i was wondrin if anyone here new of future plans to release a more powerful card than the Nvidia 128mb thats out at the moment.

i use Lightwave to model and animate and i've currently got the ATi card that it shipped with still inside which is waaaaaay toooooooo slow. just wanted to know if there's plans for one of those super dupa P.C 3D cards to available for the Mac??...\


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    I think one of the best 3D cards out for the Mac is the ATI Radeon 9800. Great card, just really pricey. You can check it out here: ATI Radeon 9800 Mac
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    ...thanks, i cant seem to find any info on the 9800 being compatiable with G4867....
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Only the retail version is compatible. The retail version is compatible with AGP 2x/4x, while the OEM version (that ships with the G5s) is only compatible with AGP 8x. Also, the retail has a VGA and DVI port, while the OEM has a DVI and ADC port.

    IMHO the retail should at least have two DVI ports and a DVI-VGA adapter, because all the high end cards on the PC side have that. But you'll just have to live with a single DVI and single VGA.
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    ...thanks as well!

    i mailed ATi to see where i can get the card. cant find a retailer at the moment.

    thanks again though i really do need powerful card and not for games, i got a playstation for that.
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