Powerbook Ti Charging problem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

sometimes when my powerbook is plugged in, it stops working.

The green or orange light just goes of for no reason. (at least that's what I think)

It has to be plugged in quite long for it to happen. (+12 hours)

Does anybodu have the same thing going on?

Is it a problem?

Or is my charger going nuts again? (broken cord, the 3rd time for me then)

Don't give me the: U are mistreating your adaptor blabla

Because an apple store (non-official I believe) admitted that it was built badly.

That little cord that is coming out of the adaptor is just made to break (I said that, not the apple dude off course, and then ask a bucket of money (107?) for a new one.

And we must off course, i repeat, we MUST buy the damn thing for obvious reasons.

I'm looking for a replacement charger.

I heard about an iGo Juice that should be quite good.

Does anybody have experience with the iGo Juice charger.

Maybe other alternatives?

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