Decent Mac=>PC Video conferencing?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

Is there any decent vidconferencing software that lets you talk to a PC?

I've heard the video with iChat is great, but it doesn't let you talk to a PC client(that I know of). MSN for Mac doesn't support video. Yahoo Messanger for Mac does, but it's kind of a shame spending all that money on an iSight and then only getting 0.8 frames per second. On a good day.

Anyone know of software that does this right?


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    Ok, let me rephrase (;

    I need a video-chat thing, not video conferencing. Something that's like an IM program that has decent framerate- and by decent I mean even 2-5 fps, rather than <1. Yahoo Messanger ohn PCs can do Super Mode which will do this (on Mac it seems that the only feature of Super Mode is the checkbox for it). MSN on PC does it. iChat on Mac to Mac does it.

    This isn't a business thing, it's more a causal thing I can occasionally talk to friends with. And as such I'd like it to be a free program, because telling my friends they have to pay to see me is a bit creepy. (:
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