G4 Upgrade for QS 933 or new G4???

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Hey guys,

I have my primary G4 933 Quicksilver right now for audio production but was debating an upgrade. I cant afford a new G5 right now but most importantly I still need to run OS 9. I was considering a dual G4 upgrade but was told they have a lot of problems. I can get a G4 1.42 and exchange my cpu for about $300 or so. I was debating selling mine on ebay and just getting a dual G4 1GHz quicksilver or a mirror door, although I heard they had problems with protools which im using (LE). I know ProTools 6 (which I'll be going to soon) takes advantage of the second processor so debating if going through the pain of a new computer might be worth it instead of the upgrade...

Any wisdom here??? Thanks!


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    If what your using will take advantage of dual processors, for sure get a dual proc machine if you can. Working with two processors is way much faster than one. A dual 1Ghz should work good for you.
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    it seems like it'd be easier just to sell it and get what you can for it...then put what you have towards the majorly-discounted MDD Power Macs. Or you could just keep it around for fun when the nice one's crunching away in Cubase or ProTools. ('s what I've done with my B/W G3 350--just put Panther on it, which runs acceptably well)
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    Thanks guys,

    Can anyone deliniate the difference between dual-boot and non-dual boot G4 mirror doors? Is it just the 1.42's??? I was looking at a nice 1.25 but wasnt sure if the guy was just telling me it was dual-boot (on ebay) or if I can tell for sure.
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    The new 1.25/dual 1.25 GHz they're selling are dual-boot (OS 9/X) for sure, but to tell you the truth -- it gets confusing from there on out if you don't have the info...but...here we go! (From MacNN):


    Notes on new Power Mac G4s

    Tuesday, January 28, 2003 @ 11:05am

    Some notes on the updated Power Mac G4s:

    The only Mac OS 9 bootable machine is an older Dual 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 (with 2MB of DDR L3 cache per processor) for $2,499. It is available at the Apple Store. All the Power Macs are pre-installed with (and only run) Mac OS X.

    The prices they have on dual 1.25s new are VERY attractive -- $1600 for a dualie 1.25 with 80GB HDD/Combo drive/Radeon 9000. With eBay just be cautioned to stay with the older series (before Jan. of last year).
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    Guy had this screen shot:

    It shows 1 meg of L3...but claims to be dual boot..?? argh
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    I upgraded my G4 500 with the PowerLogix Dual 1.4. The biggest problem I had was heat. I ended up having to add a slot cooler fan and replace the power supply fan with a higher capacity fan - it's now loud by very fast.

    The problem should be much reduced with PowerLogix latest upgrades since they use 7457 G4s which run much cooler.

    I bought the upgrade because I didn't want to buy a Rev A G5, it should keep me going for another 12 months or so, then I'll get a nice new dual 3.0 GHz G5.

    I would go with the upgrade, it's cheaper and you'll ensure 100% OS 9 compatibility.
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