No Secure Login Safari 1.1.1

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I don't know what Apple did in the 11/19/03 security update, but it has really screwed up Safari on my system. Not only does it not fix the cookies stealing problem, but now with cookies either set to always or same site, it is unable to log into any site REQUIRING a cookie.

Any site which needs and sets a cookie for a secure login now returns an error message saying "cannot connect to httpsXXXXX". This means you can log onto the main site, but as soon as you try to start a secure session, the error message appears from within Safari.

Bug is repeatable and sent to Apple.

Before anyone asks, permissions were repaired before and after update, and the plist for safari was trashed and a new one has same problem.

Anyone have any ideas why this would happen? Java problem?

Here is message:

Cannot Connect To Server

Could not open the page ? because Safari couldn?t connect to the server ?


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