The 100th meeting of Michigan and Ohio State

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This is the best match-up in years. The implications enormous, it all comes down to this game. The best rivalry in all of sports. GO BLUE!


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    As long as it stays close, it'll be probably one of the best games ever.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    I hope they tie.

    Go Hawks!

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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    Go Ohio State! I need Michigan to lose so UF can move up a little in the BCS
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    Go Blue!
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    jobjob Posts: 420member

    Originally posted by Argento

    As long as it stays close, it'll be probably one of the best games ever.

    What he said.
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    Can you say "free trip to Pasadena"?

    I love being in the Michigan Marching Band .
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    Except the Rose Bowl is a BCS bowl... not an automatic for the Big Ten champ...

    they'll go to a BCS major bowl, but it may not be the Rose Bowl
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    The Big Ten [and PAC 10] champ goes to the Rose Bowl automatically except:

    1)When the Rose Bowl is hosting the national championship game


    2)When the Big Ten champ is 1st or 2nd and going to whichever other bowl is hosting the national championship game.

    Scenario 1 is not applicable this year. Scenario 2 is highly unlikely given that USC would have to have an improbable loss to a vastly inferior group of Beavers, LSU would have to lose to AR or the SECCG and even then it would be close for the second spot between MI, TN, TX, etc. There is about a 1% chance that all that would need to happen for Michigan to be in the Sugar goes down. It is not possible at all for Michigan to be in the Orange or Fiesta. Michigan is going to be playing in the Rose Bowl.
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    Kirk Herbstreet jinxed the Bucks....

    What an herb.

    Oh well...I thought they would get beat by Michigan, but I dont understand how just because they lose a game that could be for the right to go play in the national title game that all of a sudden they are just hoping to get into a decent bowl game and wont get in the BCS?? OSU should still be ranked top 10 easily...wasnt Michigan still #5 or something? I dont see how Michigan gets in the Sugar Bowl with 2 losses....
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    The jury is still out, but Michigan is a long shot to make it to the Sugar Bowl. We need USC and LSU to lose their remaining games to even consider it. As for the new rankings, Michigan is #4 across the board; AP, Coaches' and BCS. My biggest concern at this point is finding out who the heck we'll play in Pasadena.
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    Originally posted by Verbal Assassin

    Kirk Herbstreet jinxed the Bucks....

    What an herb.


    Herbstreit sucked when he played for Ohio State and he sucks as a commentator.

    However, Michigan is/was the better team on Saturday. I figured Ohio State could not beat them 3 years in a row, and frankly USC or Michigan will probably have a lot better chance against this year's Oklahoma team in the championship game.

    Ohio State will continue to get better over the next few years and will probably see another BCS Championship in one of the next 3 years, seriously.

    I still hate Michigan and frankly always will. OSU v. Michigan is the greatest rivalry in all of sports.
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