G5 fans slow down?

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I just opened my G5 case for fun but only 1 fan actually "took off" (the one that cools the hard drives) the others behind the plastic slowed to their slowest speed. Ok, I find that kind of unusual, but it didn't bother me. Now after about a minute I put the plastic side back in and all the fans that were supposed to be on took of full speed for about 45 seconds. My G5 was getting hot and the fans didn't kick in! That got me a little worried. Is there something wrong here?



EDIT: Sorry, I think this goes in Genius Bar.


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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    When you take off the plastic, they rev like hell. In the Powermac G5 owner's manual, Apple strictly states that you shouldn't open the case when it's on, for that reason.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Mine do not rev like hell except 1. Is something broken?
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    There has been quite a bit of discussion of this at macintouch.com

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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    So the fans are software controlled. If I upgrade to 10.3 (which I plan on doing) could the problem possibly fixed its self?
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    n3on3o Posts: 56member
    The same happened when i opened the 1.6 g5 at a computer store here...

    In fact only the hard drive one went faster, while others stayed the same speed.

    i believe that there is nothing wrong with yours ...
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Ok. I feel better now. I would still like to show off to friends (PC users) buy there are other ways. 8)
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    Here is a quick fix for this problem, I promise it will work. Don't open your case. Problem solved. Any questions?
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    But how will I show off the power of the G5 in terms a PC user will understand? I can't kick their butts in Counter-Strike.

    I got a crazy idea a few days ago. Someone should make a program that turns on the G5 fans full blast for a user determined amount of time. Up to 30 seconds should be fine. A small program with a timer and a "GO" button. That way you can show off and keep your G5 in one piece. Although I have taken a C++ class, (years ago), any programmer here will turn white if they saw my code for a simple game of 21. (The entire thing was 1 nested loop in another) Good times...
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